The Right Setting for Drug or Alcohol Recovery

Let us help you on your journey to recovery

Research shows that the #1 factor for success in early recovery is environment.

At The Sanctuary we have taken great care to see that the time spent in sober living is done in a setting that is conducive to reflection followed by action. Our homes are designed to create a sense of comfort and security that allows our clients to let go of the physical concerns and focus on the personal journey that lies ahead. We address each of these concerns by offering the newly sober person a warm and embracing, fully furnished place to live, at an affordable price.  We are within 4 miles of more than 60 meetings a week and the structure of our program is designed to teach the newly sober person how to get active in the recovery community.

At The Sanctuary, we know that addicts, alcoholics and families alike can heal from the wounds addiction inflicts. It has been our personal experience that the smallest desire for recovery can manifest into a lifetime of purpose and fulfillment. It’s our job to keep the door open for recovery. New ideas and behaviors, become new habits, that become new attitudes that produce new lives.

The most critical component to this plan for recovery is willingness and time. Addiction cannot be treated in 7 or 21 days. Most newly sober alcoholics and drug addicts need an environment strongly committed to supporting their new found sobriety.

We have a solution.  We do it one day at a time around here, and we do it together.


Residents come from all walks of life. The predominant sources of resident referrals come from the 12 Step programs, treatment centers, hospital programs, courts, probation departments and simply word of mouth. Sober Sanctuary requires that all residents be nonviolent, well mannered and demonstrate a sincere desire to achieve a clean and sober lifestyle.

Bed Availability and Fees

The Sanctuary is a facility located in Minot, North Dakota. The house is historic, beautifully furnished.

All residents must contribute bi-monthly to the expenses of the house. They must also either seek employment, be enrolled in school and/or have means for financial support. Special exceptions are sometimes allowed based on individual assessment and the current financial ability of The Sanctuary.