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Our Mission

The Sanctuary’s mission is to provide the greatest opportunity for individuals and families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction discover a new way of life by embracing a 12 step, spiritually-based solution. This is achieved by offering a safe, supportive, highly structured and accountable, sober living environment. 


More than 23 million people in our country suffer from a serious alcohol or drug problem and millions more are in pain because of a spouse, child or friend who needs help. The exhaustion of alcoholism and addiction overpowers everyone. The disease just wears you out. Lack of a stable, alcohol and drug free living environment can be a serious obstacle to recovery. Destructive living environments can derail recovery for even highly motivated individuals. 


We freely share the tools and methods of our common success:

• Physical sobriety

• Emotional sobriety

• Spiritual sobriety; living life sober one day at a time.

The Sanctuary is designed to provide a much needed structured living environment for individuals who need to have strong guidelines for a disciplined life in order to regain and maintain sobriety.


At The Sanctuary, our guests learn that long term recovery is about finding new tools and practicing them in daily life. The path we share with the people who live in The Sanctuary is based on the 12 Steps. The houses offer a warm, embracing, fully furnished place to live with a real sense of community and at a very affordable price. 


Research shows that the #1 factor for success in early recovery is environment.

Our homes are designed to create a sense of comfort and security that allows our guests to let go of the physical concerns and focus on the personal journey that lies ahead. We are within 4 miles of more than 25 meetings a week and the structure of our program is designed to teach the newly sober person how to get active in the recovery community.

Family Services &


We provide families with services that will assist in getting their reluctant loved one into the sober living or treatment that best suits their needs.  As part of our services, we provide the family with long-term support and guidance as they seek to not only save the life of their loved one but also find healing for themselves. 

No amount of love can save your loved one, and you can rest assured that you did not cause the addiction. If you have run out of ideas and options on how to help your loved one, please call us and ask how we can help. Allow us to guide and support you in this process of finding solutions for your loved one.  For details on family services and fees, please contact us by emailing:


At Sober Sanctuary, we have been on both sides of the disease and we understand  it is a life or death matter. We have been trained in helping a family reach out, convince and assist the loved one into seeking help. We guide, protect, support and provide the family with real solutions. We will walk with you step-by-step through a course of action.

Family Healing and Recovery

Addiction is a family disease, and while your loved one is getting the help needed, we will help your family heal as well. Getting your loved one into treatment or sober living is only the start of things, it hasn’t cured anything yet. Please know that just because your loved one is in treatment, does not mean that all the family’s issues will solve themselves. Family Roles will be brought to light, and therefore, solutions can be created and new roles can be defined. As part of our services we will provide you with resources which will help you find the solution to your personal healing.

Bed Availability & Fees

The Sanctuary is a facility located in Minot, North Dakota. The house is beautifully furnished. All guests must contribute bi-monthly to the expenses of the house. They must also either seek employment, be enrolled in school and/or have means for financial support. Special exceptions are sometimes allowed based on individual assessment and the current financial ability of The Sanctuary.

 We have a solution! 

We do it one day at a time around here, and we do it together.

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